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Launched in 2017, the Teddy M Range Rover Autobiography is a fusion of latest technology car customisation skills and traditional hand painting.

Teddy M worked in partnership with WrapStyle UK to create vinyl shapes hand-painted using the same paints and markers he uses on canvas. This was then applied under the artist's direction by the technicians at WrapStyle UK.

The Teddy M Range Rover Autobiography blends strong geometrics with Teddy M's signature heart design on the hood, over the 'heart' of the vehicle.

The Teddy M Range Rover Autobiography was showcased in Belgravia and around west London in February and March 2017 and exclusively online with

Photography is Copyright of Master Krishan Automotive Photography (Instagram @MasterKrishan) and Teddy M.

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Teddy M would like to thank Faisal Mir, CEO WrapStyle UK for his generosity and the expertise of his technicians.