Teddy M Heart, teddy m, logo, british artist, contemporary art, heart, graffiti
teddy m heart, teddy m, british artist, heart, painting, graffiti, contemporary art

Teddy M Heart

a symbol first used on Ed Sheeran's 'Crash x Teddy M' Stratocaster, the 'Teddy M Heart' features in the first Royal graffiti and also on the Range Rover Autobiography Art Car.

Examples of original 'Teddy M Heart' paintings feature below.

Medium is typically acrylic / spray paint / marker on canvas. Size 100 x 100cm.

Custom Commissions available upon request.

teddy m heart, horny, painting, teddy m, heart, graffiti, contemporary art
Horny (2016) 100x100cm
Tangerine (2016) 100x100cm
chanel, chanel art, teddy m heart, teddy m, contemporary art, graffiti, fashion
Chanel (2016) 100x100cm
teddy m heart, teddy m, porsche, guy racing, graffiti, contemporary art, cars
Porsche Gulf Racing (2016) 100x100cm
Love (2016) 100x100cm
Denim/Pink (2017) 100x100cm
Range Rover Hood (2017) 100x100cm
teddy m heart, ferrari, contemporary art, teddy m, painting, graffiti, love, supercar
Ferrari GTO (2016) 76x76cm
Amongst the Chaos (2017) 100x100cm
everest, explorer, teddy m heart, kenton cool, painting, graffiti, contemporary art
Cool Explorer (2017) 100x100cm
Let's Get Naked (2016) 100x100cm
Axel & Aramis 100x100cm
pink, teddy m heart, painting, teddy m, contemporary art, graffiti
Tokyo Pink (2016) 100x100cm
Balls to Cancer T Shirt design
Pieces of Teddy M Heart - each 40x40cm