Teddy M Heart, teddy m, logo, british artist, contemporary art, heart, graffiti
chanel, chanel art, Porsche, contemporary art, british artist, teddy m, pop art


A collection created in 2014/2015

Available as Original Artworks and as an exclusive Limited Edition.

british artist, teddy m, woman, contemporary art, chanel, chanel art, fashion, pop art
Scent of a Woman green (2015)
Limited Edition, hand embellished 1/5 100x100cm
pink, chanel art, chanel, contemporary art, british artist, teddy m, fashion, beauty, woman
Scent of a Woman pink (2015)
teddy m, scent, woman, chanel, chanel art, contemporary art, pop art, british artist
Scent of a Woman red (2015)
Scent of a Woman blue (2015)