Good Karma Kills Bad. Always.

An observation of contemporary life in which social media and tech continues to steadily erode the basis of personal human communication and interaction. Where interest and passion in someone or something is quickly replaced by the latest update.

Take a look at the streets of London or any urban environment and you will likely see an army of ants heads down in their mobile devices. This constrast is most noticeable in the rural environment where the pace of life is far more peaceful and stress-free, people walk around aware of others and communicate in social environments largely placing the person in front of them as a priority over their device and yet ironically, such rural environments are often most reliant on the latest tech for communication further afield.

A slower, more peaceful life amongst nature is also medically proven to be good for the mind and body yet many city dwellers people find such an environment, 'cut-off from life' some say, to be unbearable for more than a few hours.

For the visual presentation, the artist was inspired by the British road sign bearing the same slogan, changing the colour to a more peaceful shade of his favourite green and including a 'Teddy M Heart'.

This original artwork is acrylic with hand cut vinyl letters and Teddy M Heart

Size: 130x100cm

This artwork is supplied with a frame

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