A collection inspired by the artist's perception of contemporary society, particularly relevant to events of 2017, the rise of fame via social media and reality TV without any apparent need for talent or hard work, the tensions between the US and North Korea and the mainstream approach to assessing someones worth by their social media statistics... even when such stats they can be bought by anyone.

*more works may be added in future

Original paintings

acrylic / paint marker / spray paint on canvas

iPad paintings output as archival inks with hand worked elements

skull, star, contemporary art, teddy m, painting, graffiti, red
...And You Don't Stop (2018) 100x100cm acrylic/spray paint on canvas
skull, art, painting, graffiti, teddy m, humanity, life, contemporary art
Humanity Loves Self Destruction (2017) acrylic, spray paint, paint markers on canvas 100x100cm
teddy m, artist, contemporary art, fame, famous, celebrity, graffiti, street art, colour, skull
Fame Fucks Friends (2017) 100x100cm acrylic/spray paint/marker on canvas
contemporary art, painting, social media, instagram, teddy m, art, british artist
Social Media (2017) approx 100x100cm acrylic/spray paint/paint marker on canvas
painting, contemporary art, graffiti, street art, teddy m, sex, celebrity, fame, art
Sex & Stupidity (2017) 150x150cm iPad painting on aluminium
teddy m, art, painting, reality tv, graffiti, emerging artist, fashion
Start Me Up (2017) 120x120cm acrylic/marker on canvas