Teddy M Heart, teddy m, logo, british artist, contemporary art, heart, graffiti


Paintings and Artworks that do not form part of a specific collection but, which are no less important

Ferrari, gto, painting, art, contemporary art, cars, british artist, italia
GTO (2013) 100x100cm
Beautifully Delicious Sensuous Moments (2012) 100x100cm
sea, painting, contemporary art, british artist, teddy m, blue, Mediterranean
The Med (2016) 100x100cm
love, graffiti, teddy m, painting, contemporary art, british artist, pop art
Cavallo Italia (2015) 100x130cm Ltd Edition Print 1/10
Miami Beach (2016) 100x100cm
ferrari f12, art car, teddy m, red, contemporary art, pop art, british artist, italia
Ferrari F12 Art Car Concept Design (2016)
Rolex, milgauss, watch, custom, black, pod, teddy m, contemporary art, british artist, woman, fashion,
Yum Yum Rolex Milgauss