Good Karma Kills Bad. Always.

6 June 2017, Bowery Hotel, New York City... details to follow


2011 - Present

First created in 2011 with the painting YUM YUM, the LOVE WOMAN collection is a celebration of strong minded, fitness conscious, sensual women. The collection continues to grow.

Examples of original artworks below include paintings on canvas and iPad paintings output as various mediums. Size 100 x 100cm +

teddy m, yum yum, dylan jones, gq, woman, painting, contemporary art, graffiti, london
Yum Yum (2011) 100x100cm
woman, babe, swimsuit, sea, contemporary art, teddy m, british artist, fashion, graffiti
Heatseeker (2016)
teddy m, panties, woman, babe, painting, graffiti, contemporary art, lapo elkann, milano, british artist
Panties Down (2016) 125x125cm (approx)
caroline vreeland, model, vogue, teddy m, contemporary art, british artist, graffiti, beauty
Caroline Vreeland (2016) with her approval!
teddy m, monaco, art, painting, contemporary art, chanel, chanel art, fashion,
That Night in Monaco (2015)
teddy m, woman, babe, bikini, painting, contemporary art, graffiti, british artist, fashion
White Heat (2016)
You Give Me Good Vibes (2016)
You Will Always Excite Me (2016)
miami, bikini, art, contemporary art, woman, teddy m, british artist, fashion
Kini Miami (2014) 100x100cm
google, woman, babe, teddy m, british artist, contemporary art, graffiti, nude
Ogle (2015) 100x100cm
chanel, chanel art, roller girl, skates, contemporary art, swimsuit, graffiti, fashion
Roller Girl (2015)
woman, babe, cosmic girl, teddy m, british artist, contemporary artist, painting
Cosmic Girl (2017) 100x100cm
tan, woman, babe, bikini, art, contemporary art, british artist, teddy m, graffiti
Taste My Tan (2016)
women, art, comtemporary art, lesbians, painting, graffiti, teddy m, fashion, beauty
Tangerine Dream (2015)
splash, beach, pool, painting, woman, teddy m, contemporary art, graffiti, british artist
Splash (2013) 100x100cm
She Loves it on the Beach (2015)
Make Love 2 Me (2016)
woman, italia, italian, beauty, contemporary art, british artist, teddy m, graffiti
Come Aboard (2015)
spank, teddy m, contemporary art, graffiti, painting, woman,
Spank (2012) 100x100cm
teddy m, woman, beach, bikini, bum, beauty, contemporary art, british artist
Yum Bum (2016)
vibrators, bullet, teddy m, sex, contemporary art, british artist, pink, beauty, fashion, art
Feel Good Vibes (2016)