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a Teddy M Heart 'Love' 100x100cm RPM


At the present time, all original artworks are available exclusively from the Teddy M Studio and include;

- Original Paintings on Canvas

- iPad paintings output as 'Direct to Media' works on aluminium, wood or other media

Artworks sold in GBP. Terms and Conditions available on request.

Prices on Application


Why is Teddy M potentially a good investment?

You should always buy pieces of art because you feel a connection, a sense of pleasure and enjoyment. However, all too often, an artist's worth is judged by his selling price and increase in value over the years. With this in mind and if potential return on investment is of interest to you,

An emerging artist does have the potential to provide exciting returns if the artist is backed early in his career and gathers global interest. As Teddy M has shown to date, he is one of those artists with such potential. The actual selling price of Teddy M's work has increased significantly since 2012 and will likely continue to do so over the coming years given he has a commercial mind and is already a fulltime artist, so you can be confident of his commitment to his career and with the knowledge he has an awareness of your investment.

As an example and with reference to the graph below:

In 2012 you could buy an original artwork by 'Teddy M' for around £2,000 GBP.

In 2015, at auction with Bonhams, a Teddy M work sold for £12,500 GBP, twice the estimate.

In 2016, Sotheby's UK chairman auctioned a Teddy M Heart at a private dinner achieving a price of £15,000 GBP.


Medium: Direct to Media print with archival inks on aluminium.

Each piece is hand-worked in places by the artist, signed and numbered.

Edition of 5, 76 x 76cm - £3,800

For specific artwork enquiries, please email the studio for details.


SuperBitch - example of a limited edition


When an artwork said to be by Teddy M appears on the secondary market at auction or private sale, we advise you seek authentication from the Teddy M Studio before considering a purchase.

Only those artworks the artist is happy to authenticate can be deemed original artworks produced by the artist.

While we are unaware of any fraudulent artworks at the present time, it has been known for copies to be made and attempts made to pass them off as 'limited editions' or otherwise.



Teddy M has designed a frame for his work which is handmade to order by a professional frame maker in the Cotswolds. If you would like to discuss framing your artwork, we would be happy to provide details.

We are also experienced in the international shipment of fine art with a globally recognised carrier. We use a 3-5 working day service from the UK to International addresses and for artworks shipped within the UK, we offer a 48hr service depending on availability of the artwork.

Prices for bespoke framing and International shipping are available upon request.


From time to time, we release limited edition accessories like the now sold out Teddy M Heart Camo Trucker hat.

If you wish to join our mailing list to be informed of new releases, please click below and email your name and contact info to the studio.

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Model: @MarinaPenate Instagram

All sales are subject to our standard terms and conditions, available on request