lindsay lohan, teddy m, contemporary art, painting, chanel, pop art, 2014
Lindsay Lohan taking delivery of HIGH LIFE (2014) 100x100cm acrylics


A collection originating in 2013 exploring the power of global brands in contemporary society and their effects on those who obsess over them, sometimes with a cheeky twist. Each one has a story to tell... if intrigued, send us an email and we will ask Teddy M to explain...

Original Works, not less than 100x100cm

Chanel, coco chanel, fashion, luxury, lifestyle, art, painting, teddy m, beauty, contemporary art, british art
Coco Nut (2014)
I Guess That's Why The Call It The Blues (2014) 110 x 140cm
shell logo, shell, teddy m, spank, sex, pop art, contemporary art, brand
Spank Shell (2016) 120x120cm
pepsi, logo, horny, teddy m, contemporary art, british artist, graffiti, fashion, pop art
HORNY 150x100cm RPM
coca cola, coke, logo, brand, teddy m, bugs bunny, pop art, contemporary art, sex, humour
Buzz Bunny (2015) 120x120cm
Superwoman, bitch, hermes, birkin, art, contemporary art, teddy m, pop art, british artist
SuperBitch (2015) 120x120cm
pop art, teddy m, contemporary art, chanel art, chanel bottle, paris,
Parental Advisory Chanel (2013) 150x100cm
rolex, daytona, art, pop art, brand, teddy m, contemporary art
Parental Advisory Rolex (2013) 150x100cm
Hermes Birkin, Teddy M, pop art, contemporary art, birkin bag art, brand, french
Viva La Birkin (2016) 120x120cm
Chanel art, chanel, flying, pop art, teddy m, contemporary art
High Life (2014) 100x100cm
facebook, art, teddy m, sex, contemporary art, pop, culture
Facefuck (2014) 140x140cm acrylic / ink on board
louis vuitton, teddy m, fashion, donald duck, cartoon, pop art, contemporary art
Fashionable Fuck (2014)
diet coke, teddy m, fashion, coca cola, fitness, pop art, contemporary art
Not so Obese (2015)
coke, teddy m, fashion, coca cola, fitness, pop art, contemporary art, sex
Taste Me (2015)