Good Karma Kills Bad. Always.


2013 - Present

A collection originating in 2013 exploring the power of global brands in contemporary society, sometimes with a cheeky twist.

I Guess That's Why The Call It The Blues (2014) 110 x 125cm
Spank Shell (2016) 120x120cm
pepsi, logo, horny, teddy m, contemporary art, british artist, graffiti, fashion, pop art
HORNY (2017) 150x100cm RPM
chanel, chanel art, flying, teddy m, fashion, contemporary art, british artist, pop art, lindsay lohan
Buzz Bunny (2015) 120x120cm
Superwoman, bitch, hermes, birkin, art, contemporary art, teddy m, pop art, british artist
SuperBitch (2015) 120x120cm
Parental Advisory Chanel (2013) 150x100cm
Parental Advisory Rolex (2013) 150x100cm
Viva La Birkin (2016) 120x120cm
High Life (2014) 100x100cm