Blues skies, warm sunshine, vibrant colours, fun and laughter,

passion and desire, 


I seek to capture all of these natural and human elements creating a commanding and dignified celebration of my interest in an energetic and contented life, a subconscious distraction from a darker period in my childhood and the less colourful, honest and safe world we find ourselves in today.


I am primarily drawn to the toned, sporty female form and minimalist yet strong, positive symbolism allowing me to communicate intensely without a labyrinth of vocabulary or visual disorder. I create artworks free from boundaries where perhaps the spoken word would have to be a little more reserved.  My work arises from a sense of urgency, there is no great deliberation over my creations.  An image or idea will appear in my head and I am restless until it is delivered in physical form.


The eyes of a child often reward with the truth, to which a child once remarked of my work,


"You create happy art".