Good Karma Kills Bad. Always.

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Teddy M.

With the mantra, 'Good Karma Kills Bad. Always." Teddy M's engertic and urban works evoke a playfully disruptive world where trademark hearts, stars, female forms and sunkissed locations offer the viewer a hedonistic escapism from the reality of what is often a less colourful, honest and safe world.

Teddy M's unrivalled achievements as an emerging comtemporary artist include his electric guitars played and commissioned by Ed Sheeran on both his X and Divide world tours, one of these with New York street art pioneer John Crash Matos and being the first and only comtemporary artist to paint with members of the British Royal family, creating a piece of art history.

In 2016, GQ magazine described Teddy M as 'The Artist to Watch" and amongst his respected art collector clients is global tastemaker, FIAT heir and Italian industrialist Lapo Elkann placing Teddy M's work in an extensive private collection alongside original works by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Ed Ruscha.

At first glance, you may think Teddy M is based in the heart of a cityscape like New York, LA or London but, while he would like to call a clifftop home overlooking the Mediterranean his home, he is content - for now - to be based in the peaceful and wild surroundings of the Cotswolds UK which, indirectly, has created a sense of intrigue leading many fascinated collectors to his door.

To date, Teddy M has acquired an eclectic mix of globally recognised and respected clients from the worlds of music, movies, sport, exploration and business. The artist has also shown work in London, New York and LA and undertaken commercial commissions for the largest Ferrari showroom in Europe.

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Blues skies, warm sunshine, vibrant colours, fun and laughter, passion and desire.

I seek to capture all of these natural and human elements creating a commanding and dignified celebration of my interest in an energetic and contented life, a subconscious distraction from a darker period in my childhood and the less colourful, honest and safe world we find ourselves in today.

I am naturally attracted to the toned, sporty female form and use minimalist yet strong, positive symbolism which allows me to communicate across cultures but, I do not seek to explain my artworks, they are to be interpreted by the viewer and will likely speak differently from person to person.

Boundaries do not exist in my work, where perhaps some may feel the spoken word would have to be a little more reserved, I am a very direct individual and my work speaks freely at all times. My work also arises from a sense of urgency and confidence, an image or idea will appear in my head and I am restless until it is delivered in physical form.

Music is vital in my creative process and I have an eclectic taste pumping through my studio.

The eyes of a child often reward with the truth, to which a child once remarked of my work,

"You Create Happy Art"