Good Karma Kills Bad. Always.

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"Perhaps the passion and commitment with which I create leaves an indelible aura embedded in my work affording a heartbeat to something that is otherwise still." Teddy M

Teddy M's energetic and playfully disruptive works possess a somewhat 'retro' quality while maintaining a contemporary narrative on popular culture and society.

The artist is best known for his female forms painted in a manner which has attracted both male and female admirers. These works, like many others, share Teddy M's vision of creating a sense of escapism from the reality of what is often a less colourful, honest and safe world.

Teddy M has created art guitars played and commissioned by Ed Sheeran on both his X and Divide world tours (one with John Matos aka Crash), he is the only artist to collaborate with members of the British Royal family and earlier in 2017, Teddy M revealed the Range Rover Autobiography art car.

In 2016, GQ magazine described Teddy M as 'The Artist to Watch" and his work has since attracted the attention of design icons and notable art collectors including Tommy Hilfiger, Lapo Elkann and Flavio Manzoni.

Original paintings by Teddy M can be found in significant private collections alongside original works by Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Roy Lichtenstein, Ed Ruscha, KAWS, Paolo Scheggi and Agostino Bonalumi.

From an early age, the artist was influenced by the work of David Hockney. Teddy M is also particularly drawn to contemporary American works from the 60's and 70's, the New York street art movement of the 80's and Italian Futurism and abstraction from the early 1900's.

To date, a number of global brands have offered Teddy M design projects including Rolls-Royce Motor Cars London and TAG Heuer. The artist's work has been shown in London, New York and LA.

Teddy M is currently self-represented and welcomes interest from international galleries.

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Blues skies, warm sunshine, vibrant colours, fun and laughter, passion and desire.

I seek to capture all of these natural and human elements creating a commanding and dignified celebration of an energetic and contented life, a healthy distraction from the less honest and safe world we find ourselves in today.

Boundaries do not exist in my work, where perhaps some may feel the spoken word would have to be a little more reserved, I am a very direct individual and my work speaks freely at all times.

My work also arises from a sense of urgency and confidence, an image or idea will appear in my head and I am restless until it is delivered in physical form.

Music is vital in my creative process and I have an eclectic taste pumping through my studio.

The eyes of a child often reward with innocence and honesty, to which a child once paid my work the greatest compliment by saying,

"You Create Happy Art"